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We develop our talent


We hire experienced consultants but we also give new talents, from a variety of backgrounds, a chance to discover their inner recruiter. Smart minds and motivated recruits will be able to learn and adapt quickly.



Interactive Training

Interactive Training

All our consultants have free access to the world leading recruitment training platform, Recruitment Juice. It’s an invaluable resource which teaches you the Dos and Don’ts of recruitment.

LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn Training

You will have access to a professional account.
LinkedIn sessions are regularly organised for you with LinkedIn trainers.

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn

A perfect blend of business and pleasure combining lunch with a wholesome discussion about effective recruitment practices with a wealth of useful tips!


English Lessons

English Lessons

Professional English lessons for our international colleagues! Take part in interactive chatting sessions, with a very friendly and enthusiastic teacher!

Grow with us

Changing careers and transforming lives!


Show us your abilities


70% of our Recruiters became Senior Consultants in less than 2 years

75% of our Managers started out as Recruitment Consultants

All of our offices were opened by ambitious Approach People Recruiters

Some of our recruiters have moved internally to one of our other offices

Be highly rewarded for your great work

The more revenue you generate, the more money you get!



Our Bonus System is designed for limitless dreams 


Prestige Club: travel to an exotic destination!

The Prestige Club is an exclusive annual incentive, where top achievers, recruiters and managers have an amazing opportunity to win a trip for two to a luxurious destination!

Last year, three top talents won the challenge and traveled to Cancun and Bali. Be the next one!

Incentive schemes with prizes throughout the year

We organise many periodic challenges for teams and also individuals. Last year several recruitment Queens won their pair of Louboutin while recruitment Kings won their Hugo Boss suits! But wait, there is more! Take a peak at what else is on offer: TVs, consoles, tablets and even drones!



The perks of being an Approach People Recruiter

20 reasons to choose us

Top 5 Best Recruitment Agencies

“Best Irish Company in France” Award

Fun & Dynamic Work Environment

World-leading Clients

Career Progression &
International Mobility

International Candidate Database

Multicultural Environment

Constant Growth in the last 17 years

Interactive Online Training

Health Insurance Contribution

Pension Scheme Available

English classes

Unlimited Fresh Fruit

Unlimited Soft Drinks

Discounts in local shops

Discount on commuter trips

Extra Holidays Time

Incentive with Prizes (iPads, trips…)

Prestige Club for Top Achievers

Social Club Events
(nights out, sports events…)

What our consultants say

What is better than our recruiters’ opinions to get an idea of what it’s like to work for us!  

  • Approach People a été un vrai tremplin dans ma carrière ! J’ai commencé il y a deux ans en tant que Talent Acquisition Specialist au sein du service RH et j’ai rapidement évolué sur un poste de Talent Acquisition Manager, me permettant aujourd’hui de gérer une équipe de 2 personnes. Grâce à notre environnement multiculturel et les cours de langue j’ai pu améliorer très rapidement mon anglais. Je recrute aujourd’hui des profils internationaux pour plusieurs pays !

    Les projets RH sur lesquels j’interviens sont stimulants et me permettent d’intervenir sur différentes problématiques. C’est un plaisir de travailler dans un environnement dynamique avec des collaborateurs passionnés par leurs métiers.

    AdelineTalent Acquisition Manager
  • Approach People, beaucoup de choses à dire sur ce cabinet ! Outre le côté international et la possibilité d’évoluer sur une zone géographique européenne, le cabinet m’a offert de réelles perspectives en terme de montée en compétences mais aussi d’évolution de carrière. Ainsi en une année, je me suis vu confié un poste de Senior mais également un agrandissement de ma zone géographique au niveau des clients/candidats. On peut y retrouver des consultants ambitieux qui ont le goût du travail bien fait et qui ont à cœur la satisfaction client. Le tout dans la bonne humeur et dans la récompense des efforts !

    PârisSenior Recruitment Consultant
  • J’ai intégré Approach People en tant que Talent Acquisition Consultant et en moins d’un an j’ai évolué sur les fonctions d’International Recruitment Consultant à Paris. Merci à Approach People pour leur confiance et accompagnement. Travailler chez Approach People, c’est la possibilité de grandir dans un contexte international à taille humaine et d’évoluer tant professionnellement que personnellement. Nous rejoindre c’est aussi savoir lâcher prise et se retrouver pour faire la fête !

    AnaisInternational Recruitment Consultant
  • Si vous aimez travailler dans un environnement multilingue, fun et dynamique alors Approach People est fait pour vous ! J’ai démarré en stage à Dublin, puis j’ai eu l’opportunité de revenir à Paris au bout de 4 ans. J'ai fêté mes 10 ans de poste ! Travailler et faire la fête avec les collègues des autres bureaux européens lors de la Christmas party où tout le monde est réuni est très enrichissant.

    ChristopheInternational Executive Recruitment Consultant
  • I started my Approach People success story in Dublin, in 2008. My first international experience! Working in a multicultural environment enabled me to grow quickly, both professionally and personally! I also have been able to work 3 months from home in France. Trust and flexibility have a place of honour in this company! On top of that, I can work on the French market in its entirety and even beyond!

    DéborahTeam Leader - Life Sciences Division
  • I started working for Approach People 9 months ago as an International Recruitment Consultant with no previous recruitment experience and have, thanks to an excellent training program and very supportive teammates, managed to become one of the top performers in my team. Approach People allows you to grow at your own pace with reachable targets, in a very fun and dynamic environment.

    There is nowhere I would rather be. Thank Approach People!

    SeanInternational Recruitment Consultant

More reviews about Approach People on

  • Senior Recruitment Consultant DACH
    Barcelona, Spain - 06/12/2018

    I am working for the company for 8 years now and love my job a lot! First of all the job itself is very interesting and working hard it brings you great results. Those are topped by extra rewards by the company to say "thank you" from time to time. The team spirit is also great: it is very international and people come in every morning with a lot of energy and joy to work through the day. Finally it has to be said that the company aloso offers a lot of flexibility in order to adapt pricate life with work!

    Cons: It would be nice to meet the other offices more often but there is a big Xmas party every year where we see each other!

    Advice to Management: Thanks for everything up to now! Carry on like this 🙂
  • Flexibility and Trust




    Great company that trusts employees by allowing them to work from home. Have been doing it for years and love it. Even though I have had bad months here and there, they continued to trust me in the long run.


    Cons: Working from home can be difficult if you are not organised properly. It took me a few months to find the perfect set up in my home and a good schedule to stick with.


    Advice to Management: Continue to believe in your staff and to give them the flexibility they need to grow both professionally but also personally.

  • Good International Opportunity
    Dublin, Ireland - 01/10/2018

    Pros: Being an International Recruitment Consultant in Approach people Recruitment is a very good opportunity to grow in a multicultural environment. The headquarter in Dublin allows to work with many different nationalities, languages, countries. We work on a wide variety of positions, clients, industry and even countries. Team spirit and fun are there too.

    Cons: Recruitment in an agency is not HR, you need to have a commercial approach of your job and be able to talk everyday about figures, KPI's and money.

    Advice to Management: The company could develop its Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Good Experience so far!
    Dublin, Ireland - 01/10/2018

    Pros: I have joined Approach People only a few months ago and couldn't be happier! This is my first "real" experience in a office environment so I wasn't sure what to expect. Everybody has been very welcoming and the atmosphere is great.

    Cons: Would love to meet employees from other offices or get to communicate with them more regularly. Looking forward to the annual event at the end of the year!

    Advice to Management: No comment for the moment.
  • Love it!

    Dublin, Ireland - 15/04/2019



    Pros: Inclusive work environment with a great culture. Great leadership, supportive & challenging in equal measures. Clear progression plans are on offer if you are willing to work for it Strong commission structure. Rewarded and acknowledged for hard work regardless of billings Great social team organizing events to cater for all team members . I genuinely love my job and there are not many people that can say that nowadays.


    Cons: Very few things to complain about. Would be great if we had the option to choose between normal desk and standing desk but that's just me being very picky!


    Advice to Management: Thanks for being approachable and available. Great to see that you give as much attention and care to all levels of staff.

  • An enriching experience
    Paris, France - 28/04/2017

    Pros: A Real autonomy given from the management on our day-to-day work, as long as the results are reached. The working atmosphere is friendly, the management is available , and initiatives are encouraged. The international environment is enriching from all levels: with candidates, clients we work for and even between the different offices across Europe.

    Cons: You have to work hard... but it worth it !
  • Great place to work !
    Paris, France - 01/01/2019

    The company culture is great, currently working in the center of Paris we always have a good time within and outside working hours! We work on a great atmosphere, there is no competition between recruiters. It feels good to work here ! I would totally recommend Approach People not only for the benefits and rewards, but also for the management. Great opportunities to grow up, I have started 2 years ago as an intern in Dublin and I am currently working in Paris as an International Recruitment Consultant.

    Pros: Bonus scheme, social events, management, great culture.

    Cons: There is no meal voucher.
  • Really good recruitment consulting firm and team where it's good to work !!!
    Senior Recruitment Consultant - Dublin, Ireland – 15/05/2017

    Cabinet in which individual and collective performances complement each other perfectly. Leaders promote initiatives and empower consultants. We enjoy a freedom in prospecting and negotiation which is very appreciable. We have the opportunity to work for very beautiful accounts and this in any field of activity. The accompanying methodology is highly appreciated by the candidates. To summarise, the only limit on which progress can be made in the society is that which is given to us.
  • Excellent Recruitment Agency
    Dublin, Ireland - 08/06/2018

    Approach People is recruitment agency for those who want to be autonomous with their clients and candidates. Loads of tools are given to success recruitements and improve their skills (business developpement). Company culture is great, international and allow you to achieve a career improvement. Managers are always here for their team and trust the choice you can make. If you work hard, you will be rewarded !

    Pros: Incentives, salary, formation
  • Great Learning Experience
    Internship as part of the French team –  Dublin, Ireland– 9/03/2015

    A typical day at work would be from 9-6, five days a week. I worked as part of the French team, recruiting French people living in France for jobs in France. I would add new cvs to the system, search the database for suitable candidates to match the clients vacancy and would conduct interviews to judge the candidates level of English. I learned how to work as part of team, how to search the database for possible candidates and how to report back to a superior. My co-workers were all very friendly and all willing to help. I most liked meeting new people and learning new skills.
  • Very positive work environment

    Dublin, Ireland - 20/05/2019



    There is no such thing as a "typical day" at Approach People - every day is different and dynamic which makes it a very rewarding environment to work in. Management is very approachable and available and cares about every recruiter in the company - I don't feel like a number but like an actual human being that can make a difference in the company overall.

  • Amazing place to work in sunny Barcelona !
    International Recruiter - Barcelona, Spain - 05/04/2017

    I Have been working in Approach people now for just over a year and a 3 months. I enjoyed this experience within an international environment with nice and professional people ! The management have been excellent as well. The business model is based on meritocracy. "work hard, pay hard !" Opportunities are made for you in the company and if things don't work out the managers actually will help you to find a solution. I can recommend this company for anyone that is looking for a new position in recruitment within a multicultural environment !
    Pros: Free Breakfast, Free Drinks and Fruit. Amazing office (view of the see and the city as well) Good management

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